Long before the white man walked this land, gigantic herds of bison were seen on this land. In the 1800s these magnificent animals were hunted to the brink of extinction, but a few thoughtful ranchers, and careful management of the remaining animals has made it possible for the Buffalo to be restored to these traditional ranges.

Buffalo keep growing for the majority of their lives. It is hard to believe that the fuzzy little brown calves, only knee-high at birth and weighing about 100 lbs can grow into animals weighing over a ton. We have mature animals which range from 800 lbs to the largest bull killed so far at over 2100 lbs. The larger bulls are over six feet high at the top of the hump! There is nothing like tracking a huge buffalo bull. The tracks can be over six inches across, and sink an inch or so into the ground.

You can certainly find buffalo hunting elsewhere – but why would you want to hunt penned animals in a “canned hunt”? We don’t think that’s hunting. The herds of buffalo range wherever they want – over thousands of acres. There is plenty of thick cover on Buffalo Mountain Ranch for the bison to find concealment. They use it to their advantage, too. But we can use this thick cover to approach them on foot. At Buffalo Mountain Ranch you won’t need to crawl through rocks, cactus and grass for hundreds of yards to get close enough for a shot. In fact, it’s more like elk hunting. You will use all the same skills.
We have a page of testimonials from hunters who have actually experienced our hunts. We invite you to hear it from them.

So far, we have not had any buffalo hunter fail to take his animal. Our success ratio is 100%. Still, we cannot “guarantee” success on Buffalo Mountain Ranch, because so much of a kill depends on the individual skill of the hunter. But with buffalo hunts we can get as close to a “guarantee” as we think possible. We do guarantee an opportunity for a reasonably skillful hunter to take a shot. We only offer guided buffalo hunts, with one of our experienced guides. These guides will put you right on top of the herd, and present you with opportunities for getting a shot. The rest is up to you.

We can put you “on the animals” for a reasonable shot, and you might have the requisite skill to make the shot count. But that’s not the end of the story. The North American Bison is without question the largest game animal on the continent. Some say it is also the most dangerous.

When they are frightened, they can run through the thickest woods just as you and I would run through knee-high brush. They are not easy to hunt. They will “bust” you, and take off at a dead run. They seem to know when they are “in range”, and instinctively stay out of that distance. You’d better be prepared to spend the better part of a day just stalking from cover to cover to try to get in close.

We have some great successes in bowhunting these giant beasts. But there are also some dangers associated with the hunt. If one is able to sneak up on an animal unawares (unlikely), and make a killing shot, the animal will not simply lay down and die. The truth is that nobody can tell precisely what a buffalo will do either before or after the hunter makes his shot(s), even if they are killing shots. That’s part of the thrill of this kind of hunt. Many hunters go after animals which they can kill… but not many hunters go after animals which can hunt you back. A huge bull protecting his harem – or even a cow protecting her calf – can be all over you in a matter of seconds.

We say all that to say this… if your heart rate is not elevated during a buffalo hunt from the time you walk into their range until you have the animal safely cleaned and loaded in the back of the truck for the trip to the processor, you simply haven’t been paying attention. Most of our hunters describe the adrenaline rush from a close-in kill as “incredible”.

From that date forward, you will regard the native American with a degree of honor that you previously thought impossible. You will tell others of the courage and tenacity of those early hunters as they tried to bring down these rugged giants of the mountain and plain. They will each nod their heads to signify they understood what you are saying, but they won’t truly “get it”. You alone will fully understand. Your words will never truly convey what you know in your heart, for you have been dwarfed by a buffalo bull who, upon hearing your footfalls, turned his huge head to face you square-on.

If you have what it takes to hunt a buffalo then we will give you a hunt you will never forget.

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