“Jay and a Successful Hunt for a Whitetail”
“Jay and a Happy Hunter”

Hi, I’m H. J. Ledbetter, Jr. and I would like to welcome you to Buffalo Mountain Hunts. We are located upon the Callahan Divide just south of Abilene, Texas. We offer outstanding hunts for Trophy Whitetail deer and Rio Grande turkey as well as limited buffalo and elk hunts.
Buffalo Mountain Ranch is one of the largest, ARCHERY ONLY, whitetail hunting ranches in Texas. The entire 4,400+ acres is high fenced to allow for quality deer management. We are committed to raising quality whitetail to create a hunting opportunity for archery hunters to get the buck of a lifetime. Our day hunting program is designed to offer the archery hunter a great opportunity at a trophy buck for an affordable price.
View our “Photo Gallery” and see what is available to hunt with NO kill fees.
Hundreds of Rio Grande turkeys call Buffalo Mountain Ranch home. Large groups are seen spread throughout the ranch. We allow any legal weapon to be used during our Spring Turkey hunts.
Lodging and meals are included in your hunt at Buffalo Mountain Ranch and our camp is sure to enhance your hunting experience.
Come on into our site and stay for a while. Our “Hunters Scrapbook” offers some incredible stories from our hunters and notes of appreciation as well. Our “Gallery” is full of great photos including Harvest pictures of Whitetail, Turkey, Buffalo and Elk. Discover Buffalo Mountain Ranch by reading about “Our History”, “Trophy Whitetail”, “Lodging” and more.
Our Hunting Manager, Steve Castille, is available to answer your questions, and to help you set up your hunt.
Contact Steve Castille at:
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